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Boba Tea Popular In Malaysia

Bringing a foreign brand into Malaysia is no easy feat. There are currently 74 different brands operating in the country. Nevertheless, even the most discerning boba fan may have trouble deciding which brand to patronize. For example, The Alley, which is renowned for its brown sugar milk beverage, has a different brand name than Daboba. This may help explain the popularity of bubbleteaparty in Malaysia.

The popularity of bubble tea in Malaysia has been on the rise since mid-2017, when a slew of new kiosks started popping up. This has helped the beverage take a more prominent role in everyday F&B consumption. Today, there are more than a dozen bubble tea shops in Malaysia. In addition, many more are on the rise, as the legal tangle that arose with Chatime has now been resolved.

While Taiwan is the world’s bubble tea capital, Malaysia has a variety of different brands that can satisfy the most discerning drinkers. You can find some of the best in Malaysia at SS15, a prime commercial district in the Klang Valley. But don’t limit yourself to just the bubble tea shops; there are also numerous restaurants and pubs that serve Boba Tea. For more, check out our review of Malaysia’s Bubble Tea shops.

If you are looking for an authentic Boba shop in Malaysia, we recommend The Alley. They offer quality products from Taiwan and Japan. Their chewy boba pearls are handcrafted and are made with the finest ingredients. They are topped with a swath of colorful pudding, jelly, or red bean. Boba tea is an ideal drink to quench the thirst of any traveler, whether alone or with friends.

If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy bubble tea drinks, try the Pin Tea and Long Live The Tadka. Both these teahouses serve tasty bubble tea drinks, and you can enjoy a cup of Boba in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. For the ultimate Boba experience, try Instea’s signature brown sugar Boba milk with cream mouse or pearl milk. The cafe also serves inspiration, as John Chua’s Instea international 2018 brand aims to revolutionize the drinking tea culture and build lasting relationships with tea enthusiasts.

The origin of boba tea has two different stories. Bubble tea is believed to have originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. Its popularity exploded in Taiwan and the rest of Asia after it caught the attention of internet foodies and influencers. Due to this, the drink has been making its way onto menus outside of Asia. Boba tea has even spread to Malaysia, where it is popular among youth. They have taken on a whole new meaning and rebranded itself as a trendy drink.


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