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Holidays in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a place where you can spend a number of national holidays. These holidays are usually free from government taxes and there are many reasons to celebrate them. For example, you can go to the beach and enjoy the sun during a holiday. There are also many local festivals to celebrate.


In 1844, the Dominican Republic adopted its first constitution in the town of San Cristobal, near Santo Domingo. Since then, the country has had 39 constitutions. Every so often, a new constitution is adopted, with minor changes. Small parades are held, and the country celebrates Constitution Day. This day is also the day when Dominicans celebrate the protection of their mother goddess, Nuestra Senora de Altagracia.

The Dominican Republic observes 12 national holidays each year. Two of these holidays fall on Mondays. The Dominican Republic’s Labor Code, Law 16-92, was confirmed in 1999, which allowed for the creation of one-time national holidays. Two of these holidays are given out during election years.

The Dominican Republic celebrates its holidays with vigor and plenty of music. Its holiday traditions range from religious celebrations to frolicsome carnivals. Catholicism dominates the Dominican Republic’s social and religious life, with Christmas and Easter being two of the country’s most important holidays. The Dominican Republic also believes in the power of the family unit.

During December, temperatures in the Dominican Republic are warm enough for enjoying the beaches and swimming pools. December temperatures average in the mid 80s, which is ideal for beach weather. The sun is out, the skies are blue and the breezes are soft. Holidays in the Dominican Republic are a time of food, family, and giving thanks. When you visit the country during this time, you can expect to be treated like a part of the family.

In addition to Christmas, the Dominican Republic celebrates the Epiphany, a Christian holiday, on the 12th day after Christmas. On this day, it is customary to give gifts to children to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Dominican Republic also celebrates Independence Day, on August 28, and our Lady of Mercy day on September 24.      .

Another important holiday in the Dominican Republic is the Day of Juan Pablo Duarte. Duarte is the nation’s most important fighter for independence. People lay wreaths at his tomb, and military members parade across the country. However, the celebrations are modest and do not attract tourists.

The Dominican Republic is located in the middle of the hurricane belt, and is prone to severe storms and tropical storms from June to October. Other hazards include occasional flooding and droughts. However, the Dominican Republic has a relatively low mortality rate, with only 4.6 deaths per 1000 inhabitants.


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