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How to Choose a Dog Boarding Facility

Dog boarding is a way to keep your dog at home while you’re away. There are different types of dog boarding, including pet sitting, multi-day kennel boarding, and dog daycare. Pet sitting involves bringing your dog to a sitter’s home for a specific duration of time. Dog daycare mission viejo,ca is similar to regular daycare for children, but exclusively for canines.

Some places have more upscale services than others, including massages and spa days. Some places even offer private accommodations. These facilities may have a full-time veterinarian on staff to monitor your dog’s health and safety. They also offer various boarding packages to meet your dog’s needs. Some of these facilities offer multiple levels of care for your dog, including VIP boarding. A VIP boarding package includes extras such as private accommodations and massages.

Pet boarding should be a pleasant experience for your dog. Don’t leave him at home alone, and be sure to pack his favorite food and favorite toys. Make sure to have a positive experience when you leave, and try to make the goodbyes short and sweet. If your dog is nervous, try not to feed him or give him any water or food until you’ve gotten home. That way, he can calm down and relax before he or she returns home.

Before choosing a dog boarding facility, contact the facility in advance to get a tour of the facility. If possible, ask if the facility offers potty breaks and walks. If possible, get references and see what other customers have to say about the facility. Make sure you do your homework and choose wisely. If you’re unsure, use a checklist of questions to ask the dog boarding facility you’re considering.


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